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kaKak aQ
thiz is my sis...she was 8teen now..

Sambutan Maulidur Rasul 2011

Sambutan Maulidur Rasul 2011
15/2/2011..Salam Maulidur Rasul..

Tv3 CaRtO0N..

Tv3 CaRtO0N..
nArUtO sHiPpUdEn...

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pertemuan United Dengan Tottenham

                                         United v Tottenham
                             League, Old Trafford
                      Mon 22 Aug, 20:00 BST


Friday, August 19, 2011

14/8/2011:Manchester United menewaskan West Brom...

Manchester United memulakan kempen Liga Perdana Inggeris dengan menewaskan West Brom 2-1 ditempat lawan semalam....Wayne Rooney menjaringkan gol pembukaan pelawat pada minit ke-13 sebelum West Brom menyamakan kedudukan pada minit ke 36 yg dijaringkan oleh pemain baru mereka iaitu Long...Gol kemenangan United akhirnya tiba pada minit ke-81 menerusi bekas pemain Aston Villa iaitu Ashley Young...United kini mengungguli tangga ke-3 dengan 3 mata dan berkongsi bersama 3 kelab yang menang pada perlawanan pertama ini iaitu Bolton, Manchester City dan juga Wolverhampton..3 kelab gergasi yang lain iaitu Chelsea, Arsenal dan juga Liverpool memulakan kempen liga dengan mencatat keputusan seri dengan pasukan lawan...                                                   


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

10/8/2011:13 Ogos Bermulalah Segalanya utk Liga Perdana Inggeris 2011-2012

         Bahang Liga Perdana Inggeris Mula dirasai kepada seluruh peminat kelab2 Inggeris yang hebat....13 Ogos adalah tarikh bermulanya untuk semua kelab berjuang untuk mencari 1 sahaja juara yang akan ditentukan pada tahun 2012... Dengan semua kelab kini sudah bersedia untuk mengharungi cabaran yang sukar pada musim ini.....17 Kelab yang masih kekal di Liga Perdana Inggeris ini Ialah Juara Bertahan iaitu Manchester United serta kelab2 yang lain iaitu Arsenal, Aston Villa, Blackburn Rovers, Bolton Wanderers, Chelsea, Everton, Fulham, Liverpool, Manchester City, Newcastle United, Stoke City, Sunderland, Tottenham Hotspurs, Wigan Athletic, West Bromwich Albion, Dan Wolverhampton Wanderers serta 3 pendatang baru yang dinaikkan pangkat dari Liga Kejuaraan utk bersama-sama mengharungi BPL utk musim ini ialah Norwich City, Queen Park Rangers dan Swansea City... Diharap tahun ini lebih sengit daripada sebelumnya....                                                      


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

7/8/2011:United berjaya mempertahankan perisai Komuniti buat kali ke-15

              Akhirnya Man.United berjaya mempertahankan Perisai Komuniti buat kali ke-15 selepas berjaya menewaskan Man.City 3-2 di Wembley...Pada perlawanan tersebut, Man.City terlebih dahulu mengejutkan United dengan jaringan 2-0 di separuh masa pertama hasil jaringan Juan Lescott dan juga bekas pemain Wolfsburg isitu Edin Dzeko...tetapi United berjaya mengembalikan rentak permainan sebenar apabila menukarkan 3 pemain serentak di masa ke-2...Jaringan United dilakukan oleh Chris Smalling dan kedua-dua gol lagi disumbangkan oleh Nani yang bijak mengelirukan pejaga gol City iaitu Joe Hart pada minit2 terakhir perlawanan sekaligus dinobatkan sebagai juara Perisai Komuniti...Thank United !!

8/8/2011:Tom Cleverly Kembali Ke United

             Pemain Akademi United, Iaitu Tom Cleverly(gambar) telah kembali menyarung jersi Manchester United selepas dipinjamkan ke Wigan Athletic.....Tom Cleverly berusia 21 tahun dan dia juga telah dibawa masuk oleh Alex Ferguson pada perlawanan Perisai Komuniti yg menyaksikan Manchester United berjaya menewaskan musuh setempat iaitu Manchester City 3-2...Tom Cleverly juga sudah diberi kepercayaan oleh Alex Ferguson selepas aksi yang membanggakan ketika dia membantu Wigan kekal di Liga BPL musim depan....Tom Cleverly juga sudah diberi peluang untuk bermain bersama skuad United bemula musim Liga Perdana Inggeris Musim 2011/2012....                            

Sunday, August 7, 2011

  Sesiapa yang ingin membeli baju serta mendapat tandatangan khas daripada Paul Scholes, sila ke laman sesawang www.manchester untuk maklumat lanjut.....Paul Scholes juga akan berjumpa dengan peminat2 di Manchester utk makan malam bersama beliau di sana....Cpt !!!!! kpd smua peminat Man.United dan jg Paul Scholes...Jgn lpskan peluang yg berada di dpn mata anda....Paul Scholes jugak telah membantu United buat kali terakhir semalam stelah berjaya menyumbang 1 gol ketika United membelasah New York Cosmos 6-0.......                                               

About Memories Paul Scholes

Thanks for the memories

Paul Scholes signed off his Old Trafford career with a goal to remember and hoped he'd left the United fans with some enduring memories.

The midfield marvel struck a ferocious drive past New York Cosmos skipper Brad Friedel to set the tone for an accomplished performance as Sir Alex's champions romped to a 6-0 victory in the testimonial clash.
Scholes may famously shun the limelight but he took to the microphone on the pitch at the final whistle to thank the sell-out crowd and those who had helped him in his illustrious career.
"Over the last 16-17 years, the fans have always been great to me," he said. "I just hope I can give them some memories.
"I want to say 'thank you' to quite a few people - the manager, coaching staff, everybody involved with the club have been great to me over the years and I can't say how grateful I am for that.
"To the players - I've been privileged to play with so many good players at this club, it's been a great pleasure. To my family, who mean the world to me and also the people who organised tonight as I know how much hard work has gone into this. And, finally, to Eric and his New York Cosmos for being able to put a team together. Also I'd like to thank Nicky Butt and Gary Neville, it was great playing with them over the years.
"I just want to say 'thank you' to everyone. The goal was nice, that's what I say it's about memories. I just hope I've given the fans some decent memories. It was a really nice goal and I was pleased with it."


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Manchester United Beat New York Cosmos 6-0

United 6 New York Cosmos 0

The night was always going to belong to Paul Scholes, despite the galaxy of stars on show at Old Trafford. Pele and Eric Cantona may have been part of the Cosmos ranks but nothing could overshadow the quiet genius of United's literally shy and retiring midfielder.

In some testimonials, a penalty is needed to tee up an old boy for a last snatch of glory. Less than nine minutes had elapsed here when Patrice Evra rolled the ball back for Scholes to detonate a trademark piledriver past Brad Friedel to bring the house down.
Friedel, so often the scourge of United, was a busy man but Nicky Butt almost levelled when sweeping wide after some fancy footwork by Dwight Yorke. Instead, the hosts went further ahead when Ashley Young was chopped down by Marvin Iraheta and Wayne Rooney thundered the penalty in off the underside of the bar.
Yanik Reyering was a party-pooper when making a goal-saving block to deny Scholes following fine work by Rooney and Dimitar Berbatov and the defender also did well to stop a Berbatov effort on the line.
A number of changes at the break failed to affect United's stride as Anderson played a one-two with Danny Welbeck before supplying an instant finish past Chad Calderone for number three. Stefan Dimitrov headed a glorious chances inches wide for the Americans and the Reds extended their lead when Welbeck pounced on some poor defending following a cross by Rooney.


About Man.United

Open day at Old Trafford

Thousands of fans braved the wet weather to watch the players train at Old Trafford on Saturday and helped raise money for the Manchester United Foundation.
The annual open training event gives supporters a rare opportunity to see the Reds being put through their paces at close quarters and, despite the monsoon-like conditions early on, fans packed into North Stand Tier 1 to see their heroes in action.
New signings Phil Jones, David De Gea and Ashley Young were all involved in the hour-long session as the Reds continued their preparations for the new season and geared up for the Community Shield clash with Manchester City at Wembley.
"This event seems to get bigger every year," said Sir Alex during an interview with stadium announcer Alan Keegan on the pitch. "It's a great opportunity for the fans to see what we do in training and get an insight into the intensity of our sessions."
Following the players' workout, fans watched Mexican side Pachuca beat Orlando Pirates from South Africa in the final of the Manchester United Premier Cup.
The whole event went a long way to generating vital funds for the Manchester United Foundation which delighted chief executive John Shiels.
"The turnout was absolutely fantastic," he said. "We've always had great support from the fans for this event and they came out in their droves once again.
"It's a great day for the fans and the money will go back into our work with young people in the


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

News About Man.United

  Ashley Young....Pemain Baru Man.United..


Bola Rasmi Liga Inggeris 2010/2011


vApOr SuPeRfLy

My FaVoUrIte PlAyER..

My FaVoUrIte PlAyER..
PeNyERaNg eNgLaNd N mAn, UniTeD...Wayne Rooney

Nani Flip Up..

Nani Flip Up..
Pemain Pilihan AqUw


my favourite player...Mu 4ever

thiz is my father

thiz is my father
nsEm x??hehe...

Malaysia Home Kits

Malaysia Home Kits
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Malaysia Away Kits

Malaysia Away Kits
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Cristiano Ronaldo 2012

Cristiano Ronaldo 2012
Real Madrid Player Yang Menyerlah

BPL Ball 2012

BPL Ball 2012